Young Adult

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Our Young Adult Department is a community of single graduate students and young working professionals who desire more out of life, who are searching for meaning and purpose as well as the next great restaurant, sporting event, local and not-so-local activity and more! We come together from a variety of fields and professions to study the Bible, to know and love God more, and to share life’s journey together.


Through Bible studies and small groups and over cookouts, games, sports, and other trips and activities, we seek to find, build and strengthen genuine relationships with God and one another.


Though the demands of grad school and career are great (and often draining!), we believe that God has a higher calling and worthier purpose for our lives – one that manifests words like love, joy, hope and faith. Whether or not you’re new to Christianity or church, we welcome you to join us, hang out, and keep searching for more. In so doing, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.



Graduate Students and Professionals

Saturday Nights, 6:30 p.m.