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Whether you’ve come to Boston for school, work or family, we welcome you! Among the many opportunities in this great city, we hope you find a spiritual home during your time here.

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why antioch?

The first-century church at Antioch sent out Paul and Barnabas as the first missionaries, as recorded in the Book of Acts. We desire to live out that same calling as a church in Boston, inspired and encouraged by the words of Isaiah 52:7: “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news!” We know that God’s grace has brought us to where we are now, and we continue to depend on him to lead our church according to his purpose.

what denomination?

We are a member of the Southern Baptist Convention.

which sunday worship service do I attend?

While you are welcome to attend any worship service, the services are geared toward each one of our ministries. College is for undergraduates across Boston; Young Adult focuses on single graduate students and working professionals; and International Student Ministries is for students from non-English speaking countries.

At both Sunday worship services, we will start with a mix of contemporary praise songs and traditional hymns, followed by a sermon, and a time of prayer. Don’t forget to stick around afterward for a chance to meet people — refreshments are provided. 

how do I get to sunday worship service?

College department service is held at the Sheraton Commander Hotel (16 Garden Street, Cambridge). The campus is accessible by the T subway from Harvard station and is an 6-minute walk down Garden Street from the subway terminal.
We hold services for the Young Adult department and International Student Ministry at Redeemer Fellowship Church (111 Mt. Auburn Street, Watertown). While there are no designated church parking areas, there is street parking available. You can get to 111 Mt. Auburn on either the 71 or 73 bus lines out of Harvard Square.


For both services we offer rides from various campuses and locations around Boston. Contact us for more info!

what about my kids?

Don’t worry! During the services there is a concurrent worship service for children called JOYland. You are welcome to drop them off at JOYland, where they will also learn about God, and you can pick them up after your service ends.

still have questions?


Value of One Soul

In Luke 15:3-7, the shepherd who lost one sheep leaves the rest of his flock of ninety-nine to go and find the one lost sheep. Though impractical and ludicrous by the standards of our culture, God loves every person as tenaciously and limitlessly as this shepherd. At Antioch, we experience this same personal love from God and strive to consider each other as valuable as God does.

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